Vegan Recipes: 6 Delicious Breakfast Vegan Recipes You Can Make Every Morning

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Now you can have guilt free vegan pumpkin muffins in as little as 10 minutes. Place one and a half cup of oats, a half a cup of canned pumpkin, one tablespoon of cinnamon, a quarter of a tablespoon of nutmeg and a quarter of a tablespoon of ginger and place into a blender. Mix well. Then add a third of a cup of cranberries and mix some more. Spoon the batter into muffin cups and bake for 10 minutes. Cool before serving and enjoy your tasty and totally vegan breakfast cup cakes.


If you are the type that likes to “grab and go” your breakfast, then these no-bake granola bars will be your vegan breakfast of choice. All you need is two cups of oats, your choice of seeds and dried fruit plus coconut oil and honey to bound your ingredients together. Heat up your liquids, add the dry ingredients and press all the ingredients onto a baking pan. Just like that you have one of the easiest vegan recipes you can make. In fact, you can make a week’s worth of vegan no-bake granola bars in just a few minutes.

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