Vegan Recipes: 6 Delicious Breakfast Vegan Recipes You Can Make Every Morning

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You can never say that pancakes are too unhealthy with this vegan creation. All you need are oats, bananas and water or almond milk. Place two cups of oatmeal and a cup of almond milk into a blender. Then add two sliced bananas into the blender and blend into a batter. Take the batter and place it onto a frying pan to make delicious vegan pancakes. You can sweeten up the meal with strawberries, blueberries, almond butter and real maple syrup.


French toast is a breakfast favorite and thankfully one of the great vegan recipes that you can make in minutes. Blend some flour and almond to create a batter. Than add some day old bread slices to the batter. Now, fry up your vegan french toast like you would conventional french toast. Add some almond butter and real maple syrup for a breakfast that tastes decadent yet is completely healthy for your body.

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