Travel Photography Tips: Learning Composition

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A Few Basic Composition Rules To Keep In Mind

Written below is my 5 step travel-photography mantra. For now, I’m redirecting some of the terms to another website, for a better explanation but will soon write my reasoning for them, as and when I’ll get time:

Find a subject, apply the rule of thirds, form any (possible) repetition or lines, add more open empty spaces, and tell a story.

Though understand that there is no right or wrong when it comes to composition, but the fact that human brain loves repetition (hence the repetition of lines in a frame) and definitely no madness (hence more empty space), some basic rules in photography, as mentioned above, cannot be disregarded.


Enough for now. Get your camera’s batteries charged and get going.

A Goodbye Tip: If you’re planning to buy a camera, invest in a mirror-less body, or something equally handy, because it may otherwise be true, but in travel photography, it’s truer that ‘the best camera is the one you can always carry.’ I’ve improved my photography so much since I’ve switched to the mirrorless Sony Alpha A6300L Digital SLR Camera, after using Nikon D5200 for a few years. Thanks to Sony 6300’s compact size, I can carry it anywhere, and experiment in different situations – from trekking to being a pillion on someone’s motorbike. I’ll recommend a mirrorless to travel photographer, any day.

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