Travel Photography: 8 Easy Practices To Enhance Your Images

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4. Come With A Plan And Vision

One of the most important things we do when practicing travel photography is coming to a location with a plan. It’s crucial to do your research because having an objective in mind for your day will save you time and energy. A plan will allow you to be efficient and be confident when shooting in an unfamiliar place.

Example: When Berty and I traveled to Banff National Park, we mapped locations on our phones and scheduled out our day to make the most of our short time in the Rockies. We woke up early before the crowds and stayed up very late to be able to take incredible travel photographs!

We successfully came away from that trip with tons of beautiful photos and an assurance that we did the best job possible because we used our time efficiently.

Challenge: Going to Paris? The mountains? A new city? Spend a week reading blogs, saving Instagram posts you love, and maybe even saving locations on Google Maps (see how we do that in our road trip planner post!). Save some inspiration, but remember to always create your own unique image.

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