Travel Photography: 8 Easy Practices To Enhance Your Images

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2. Notice The Small, Quiet Moments…

Sometimes, photographers (us included!) can get too caught up in the “epic” moments and often leave out or not consider the natural, quiet instances.

These small, side experiences are important too because they can put a whole story together. By “side moments”, we mean those times you’re packing and unpacking the car, cooking lunch before a hike, or even settling in for the night by a campfire.

A bunch of “big” moments (like those mountaintop views with the wind blowing, or that incredible sunset) are just highlights, but the small moments fill in those gaps and create the whole story. It allows you to share images that your audience can relate to!

Challenge: Be more observant, and be open to picking up your camera when you wouldn’t necessarily expect there to be a “good” photograph. Try capturing candid moments in transition!

3. …And The Busy Or Unexpected Ones

Sometimes in the midst of chaos, a moment will catch your eye. It can be something simple like a person standing still amongst a rushing sea of people, or a hiker caught in a huge windstorm.

Movement can be important for the photographer to share the experience with the viewer because it helps enhance the senses and bring a photo to life! Looking for things outside the norm can create an interesting contrast. (Remember how much this unexpected photo caused a reaction?)

Example: A photographer and friend we admire, Joe Greer, was in New York when the solar eclipse was happening. Instead of taking photographs of this probably once-in-a-lifetime natural phenomenon, he chose to turn his camera to the onlookers. Check out his photos hereand here for these unexpected photographs!

Challenge: Intentionally look for unforeseen moments. Think outside the box, and don’t always focus on the obvious picture choice.

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