Travel Photography: 8 Easy Practices To Enhance Your Images

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When you’re going on a vacation, what’s the first thing you pack? If you’re like us, chances are that it’s a camera! Going somewhere new can be exciting, and we love capturing moments to look back on years later. When Berty and I visit our parents (his in Indonesia and mine in Eastern Washington!) we always seem to break out the old photo albums and spend hours with our family re-living memories and hearing stories. Travel photography and capturing moments doesn’t have to be an elaborate setup – in fact, it can be as easy as pulling out your phone and snapping away!

Whether you’re an aspiring photographer or simply on vacation with your family, we’re sharing attainable and easy ways to improve your travel photography while exploring the world! These are simple tips and tricks to capturing experiences you’ll remember for years to come.

1. Get Up Early

Getting up early is a simple practice, but it can end up being quite the challenge if you aren’t used to it!

Waking up early for travel photography is a triple threat of goodness. You will generally find fewer crowds, softer natural light, and more time to capture moments. This is personally our favorite time to take out our camera and shoot!

Challenge: Schedule a day to go to a location and capture the sunrise. Do your research, and maybe even visit it in the daylight to scope out where you want to capture the moment. Then, pack all your photography gear the night before and set your alarm for 1-2 hours before sunrise.

Prepare coffee, tea, grab-and-go breakfast, or whatever else you may need for an extra pick-me-up the night before. Preparation and anticipation are both key factors for an easy wake-up call!

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