The Essential Travel Photography Equipment You Must Have on Every Trip

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When you step into the world of photography, it can not only be a scary journey, but a true investment. Normally, you immediately prepare, plan, and purchase a camera body with the accompanied glass to do the job well. But when you decide to take your show on the road and begin travel photography, and self-employment, there are are tools you need in your toolbox that will not only sharpen your creative sword, but make your life much more easier and stress-free.

They might be smaller items that people overlook or don’t think about, but they are true essentials for any travel photographer. As a travel photographer who learned through experience, I have done jobs and trips with and without these items, and having them completely changed how I work, organize, and protect my gear.

So here are the essential travel photography gear that you might not know about, but should be added to your kit.

A durable and dependable hard drive

Trust me, you’re going to need one — maybe even two. You don’t want to be halfway through a trip with thousands of photos on your memory cards, and have to empty them all onto your laptop, slowing it down significantly, and you’re left with a poorly performing laptop that is unorganized and frustrating to deal with.

Also, most locations I shoot at do not have reliable WiFi or cell service, so any cloud-based storage becomes essentially unusable. Having a trustworthy hard drive with at least one terabyte of storage eliminates that problem and acts like a storage unit for your content before you move it into your “house” or in this case, your laptop or desktop back at home.

However, as most of us know, most hard drives are incredibly susceptible to drops, spills, or damage, and even a small element like dust can destroy it, and, at the same time, all the content you worked so hard to shoot. Owning a hard drive that protects against drops, spills, weather, dust, and other elements is crucial in the field. Invest in a durable, dependable hard drive — like the G-Technology 1TB G-Drive Mobile SSD R-Series ($264) — and it will seriously benefit you and your creative process.

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