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Get close on detail shots and portraits

Sometimes as a new photographer, it can be intimidating to get close to your subject, especially if you’re shooting photos of people. You might have a tendency to shoot from wherever you are at the moment, but getting close to a detail that’s often overlooked can be really interesting. Things that most people would pass by in everyday life can bring your travel story to life, especially when paired with photos of the entire scene. Shooting travel portraits close up can show the relationship between you and the subject, and that human connection really draws people into your photo.

Bonus tips: If you have a background that is far away from where your subject is, and you either zoom in or move closer (“zooming” with your feet), you’ll get a blurrier background. Also, when you’re shooting travel portraits, I recommend chatting with the person and getting permission first. I wrote about how to get over your fear photographing strangers while traveling here.

If you want to learn how to take great photos without diving deep into the world of travel photography, here are few simple things you can do to improve your travel photos without understanding the technical side of things. What other travel photography tips would you add to this list?

Try different angles

Most of the time, we shoot from our normal eye-level vantage point because it’s easy. It’s also the most obvious. And it can get boring. I’m not saying you should ditch it completely, but if it’s the only way you ever shoot, try experimenting with a few different perspectives the next time you’re traveling.

If you’re in a crowded market, shoot from a low angle to capture the feet of passersby, which shows how crowded it is. Or, shoot from just above everyone’s heads–a sea of heads and faces helps convey how busy and noisy things are. Shoot from directly above something. Get eye level with kids. Shoot from below a flower to make it look giant.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! You’ll learn what works and get some really interesting shots when you think outside the box. Using different angles creates something unique for people who see your photo–it catches their attention and makes them pause when they see your image.

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