Five Outdated Home Decor Myths are Meant to Be Broken

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The rules of decorating must never be broken, or so you’ve been told. Here at Fracture we believe that when it comes to home decor, rules are meant to be broken. “This pattern doesn’t go with that one.” “Those two pieces of furniture are nothing alike, therefore they can’t be in the same room.” It’s time to throw these old myths out the window and free yourself from their chains. Gear up and get ready to decorate any room in a style more suited to your unique personality and taste.

Myth #1: Matching Furniture is a Must!

As the myth goes, most of the furniture in a room should belong to a matching set: a bedroom “suite,” a coffee table with matching end tables or even a dining table with its identical chairs. After all, they are sold this way.

It’s time to think again. Matchy matchy is boring boring. Instead, pick pieces that complement one another in other ways: upholstery tacks as trim for some of the pieces in a living room or bedroom; huge floral prints in primary colors; or wood dining chairs with similar back heights. Much like music, cohesiveness comes from pieces/notes that create a sense of harmony with one another, rather than duplicate one another.

Have fun with it: use an ottoman as an end table; incorporate a pair of peacock-blue ladderback chairs around the dining table (and repeat the blue elsewhere in the room, in a piece of art or a random knick knack). See? Unmatched furniture creates a playful look you’d be hard-pressed to recreate with a furniture set straight from a store,

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