9 Essential Smartphone Street Photography Tips

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Ditch the DSLR and embrace smartphone street photography. Bet you’d never have thought you’d hear that.

Your smartphone ticks all the requirements for street photography. And can get you some amazing results.

Do you want to find out how best to use your mini handheld device? Read on.

1. Use Apps for More Control Over Your Phone’s Camera

There are a plethora of apps you can use for your smartphone photography. The apps to look at here are those you will need to take the photo. There are of course other apps you should download, and you’ll learn about these later in the article.

From the smartphone camera point of view, camera+ is the best option. It allows you to have more control over your camera by offering a series of options.

Exposure Lock

This is a great option that gives you some control over exposure level. You can’t adjust shutter speed or aperture manually, so exposure lock is as close as you’ll get.

One technique you can try with this feature is aiming your phone at the sky to get an exposure lock on a bright scene.

With that exposure value locked in you can take photos of people lit up by a shard of sunlight in the market. And the background will stay dark.

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