6 Suggestions for Sharp Travel Photography

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The nine tips for better landscape photography introduced few concepts to keep always in mind whenever out in the field. We also talked about how to have the best focusing in a photo. It is now time to discuss how to shoot a sharp landscape.

One of the most important settings we need to understand for a sharp landscape is aperture. This is a variable-size hole inside your lens that controls the amount of light passing through it and onto the sensor inside. This is usually referred as f-stop and it can go from a very low value, for example f/1.4 or f/2.8 (the hole is wide open), to an high value as f/22 or more (the hole is almost closed)

Don’t confuse the sharpness concept with focusing .

Let’s see the most important steps to setting up your camera. Remember you want to be in control of your camera and not vice-versa.

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Set Aperture priority

On Your camera’s mode dial you’ll find an A or Av setting, depending on what camera you have. If you don’t have a mode dial this will be accessible through the menu.

Switch the camera to this setting and you can now choose the aperture for yourself, while the camera automatically sets the shutter speed.

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