6 breakfast smoothie recipes that will erase even the most garbage nights of sleep

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t some point, we’ve all spent a day trying to recover from a night in which our plans to snooze were thwarted by our body’s refusal to cooperate. The dreadful morning after can feel like your entire day is already ruined. Fortunately, there are some pretty potent breakfast smoothie recipes waiting to help you turn things around so you don’t have to suffer in a sleep-deprived state of zombiehood.

It’s possible the only blended drink you’re interested in downing in the morning is a perfect cup of coffee or a can of Red Bull, but considering how foggy things are when you’ve basically gotten no sleep at all, perhaps a healthier option packed with nutrients and proteins will serve you better.

This may sound like the impossible, but your body will thank you if you skip the caffeine and whip up one of these breakfast smoothie recipes.

They won’t totally make up for an awful night of sleep, but they definitely won’t hurt.

Chocolate chip banana power smoothie

Since power is totally what your body needs, Hot For Food‘s chocolate chip banana power smoothie will deliver a jump start to your fuzzy brain and your taste buds (which may or may not feel fuzzy, depending on what you were doing the night before). It’s made with frozen bananas, almond milk (YUMM), coconut water, hemp and chia seeds, raw cacao nibs, almond butter, maca powder, one pitted medjool date, and ice cubes.

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