21 Travel Photography Tips for Everything You’ll Find on Your Trip

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1. Talk with the locals

The locals can sometimes be apprehensive or hostile when you take their photos, and who can blame them when there’s a stranger shoving a camera in front of their face?

Some people say you need more social skills than photography skills to create beautiful street photography, and they might not be wrong.

There’s nothing better than a relaxed atmosphere to get sincere expressions from people, so gain their trust by starting a conversation. Show that you’re genuinely interested in talking to them. Some photographers even keep their camera away for the first few minutes, and this really helps a lot in keeping them relaxed and trusting.

2. Keep the camera ready at all times

Even after you’ve done some shots, don’t tuck your camera away. Most people don’t act naturally when they’re aware of the camera. The bodies become stiff and the smiles unnatural. Take a few shots after talking for a while, but keep the camera at hand, ready for use. Usually, people relax when the session is over, but that doesn’t mean you should stop and pack your camera. Your subject might act naturally when they think it’s done, resulting in more natural and genuine expressions in your shots.

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