17 Accessories to Make the Most Out of Your iPhone

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When it comes to iPhone accessories, the market is completely flooded. For instance, if you search “Lightning Cable” on Amazon, you’ll be greeted with more than 10,000 results. Pick the cheapest one and you could end up with a ripped cord in a week, or even worse — a fried charging port. We’ve scrambled the internet for dozens of hours and have tested most of accessories in this guide so you can have the best. Our picks will help keep your iPhone scratch- and scuff-free, powered up and ready to go.

Jabra Elite 65t Wireless Earbuds

The Jabra Elite 65t are our favorite completely wireless earbuds, and we’ve tested dozens of them. They offer the perfect combination of a stellar sound, strong battery life, and a flawless fit. Most importantly, they offer a reliable wireless connection, so you won’t ever have to fuss with re-pairing it to your iPhone over and over again.

Tile Mate

Although this nifty gadget isn’t specifically for your iPhone, it works in tandem with it to help you find your lost items. The Tile Mate is the best Bluetooth tracker. It features a replaceable battery, a louder alarm, and longer range than its competitors and predecessor. We have a couple on our keys and in our wallet, and we highly recommend it.

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