12 Top Digital Camera Bags For Travel Photography

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Travelers need a secure camera bag to take photos on their trip. This buying guide will point you toward which camera bags are best for certain trips. How much camera gear to bring with you on whatever journey you are taking is an important issue—but what do you put it in?

The answer to that question depends on the answers to several other questions: Are you flying? Hiking? Walking through a crowded city where there might be pickpockets? Are you an aspiring photojournalist? Want to blend in and work inconspicuously? There are different bags for different kinds of journeys and destinations.

In general, don’t buy too much bag, but get one that will accommodate a little more than what you have. This will give you more options as you expand your system, or can provide room for non-photographic doo-dads like snacks, a change of clothes, etc.

Here are several bags that are extremely well-suited for different modes of travel, all available at the Camera and Gear Cases department at Adorama. Keep in mind that the prices and availability of the bags listed below are accurate as of November 11, 2018.

Ape Case Pro Digital SLR/Laptop Case

Adorama price: $86.66

Here is a guide to the major camera bag categories, and the advantages and disadvantages of each plus a few recommended models. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but merely a starting point:

Carry-on roller bags

Designed for air travel, these bags are sized to fit in overhead carry-on stow-away compartments on commercial airliners. They have extending pull handles, built-in wheels, and the best of ‘em have customizable compartments so you can create snug nests for your valuable cameras, lenses and other gear. There are some combination backpack/wheel models, but the pull handle and wheels do add extra weight while taking away some interior space (a typical roller bag that converts to a backpack can weigh over 13 pounds, while a similar-sized backpack can way around 4 pounds). If you’re flying to a destination, consider using a roller bag for the flight, and a shoulder bag, fanny pack, or backpack bag once you get there.

Advantages: They are a great idea of you spend a lot of time at airports and are hauling a lot of heavy equipment, and certainly can save your back since it literally takes the weight off your shoulders.

Disadvantages: Many bags are not suitable for rough terrain, and it isn’t easy to quickly access your gear.

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