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Photography can be fun and creative. It is art, after all. If it was meant to be serious all the time, we would all have difficulty staying motivated.

There are many ways to be inventive in the field of photography, but we are going to look at how to get your lens dirty.

This will involve materials such as water, Vaseline, plastic and hosiery. You heard me say creative, right?

You’ll also need a small amount of DIY(Do-It-Yourself) handyman knowledge. Being the owner of a few elastic bands will be a benefit.

Read our thorough guide for all the tips you need on creating these DIY photography filters yourself.

DISCLAIMER: Some of these projects can and will damage your lens. Read up to know exactly what is involved before you start any of the more challenging projects.

Do not use your most expensive gear. Use a cheaper lens rather than your most expensive to practice first. Don’t try to work on something you will miss or can’t afford to fix or replace.

Better still, use cheap clear filters as these can thread straight onto your lens.

If in doubt, please do not risk damage to your equipment. Especially if it is your livelihood and you really can’t live without it.

Read everything you can about what environment you need to conduct your DIY photography project in. Ask for help, and don’t risk it for the shot. It’s not worth it.

Droplet Filter

Get a protective filter, preferably a clear filter with a thread that will screw on to your lens. Spray water on the lens for an interesting effect.

You will benefit most from pointing your lens towards a light source, as the light will refract and spread around.

What this will also do is introduce strange squiggles, gauzy haze, and a twinkly smattering of bokeh to your image.

Alternatives: You can use a piece of cling film instead of a clear filter. You can also differentiate between a heavy spray and a fine mist for parallel effects.

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