10 Photography Tips to Improve Your Environmental Portraits

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Environmental portrait photography has nothing to do with climate change.

It is different than environmental photography or environmentalist pictures. Read on to find out what it is, and how to capture some stunning images.

What Is an Environmental Portrait?

Environmental portrait photography is making an illustration of a person in their environment. It’s a portrait in which the person can be connected to the locationthey are in.

Good environmental portraits will tell a strong story of their subject. Their immediate natural surroundings will give the viewer insight. Into who the person is, what they do and where they are.

Locations that best help tell a person’s story might be:

  • Their home
  • Their workplace
  • A favourite coffee shop or bar
  • Where they play sports
  • At their church or temple

The location and person should tie together in a meaningful way. This will come from your setup, candid shots and professional photographer behaviour.

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