10 overnight oat recipes for the best grab-and-go breakfast

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If you’re like us, your mornings are hectic. Without fail, you seem to find yourself running out the door, leaving a hearty, filling breakfast to be a sad afterthought. Well, listen up, friend: Overnight oats. Sure, you’ve heard the term, but focus for a minute, because these really are the perfect breakfast for when you’re rushing to school or work. And the best part: Most of them can be thrown together with whatever you’ve got in the fridge.

We know you know this, but it’s true: breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you should really never skip it. With these easy overnight oat recipes, you should never have to again. Breakfast win!

If you’re not quite sure exactly what overnight oats are, don’t fret. Essentially, you can use raw rolled oats, or you can switch it up and use quinoa, millet (a gluten-free grain), spelt, buckwheat, or chia seeds, or a combination of these. Basically, whatever grains taste best to you work when it comes to overnight oats.

You can throw ’em in a container (mason jars are pretty and practica,l but if you don’t feel like getting fancy, anything fridge-safe will do), and add the below combinations to the oats at night before bed. Then boom! You wake up to a delicious grab-and-go breakfast you can toss in your bag. Easy peasy, right?

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